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Mosquito bite symptom

General information about symptoms of Mosquito bite: The symptom information on this page tries to offer a record of a few potential symptoms of Mosquito bite. This symptom information has been gathered from a variety of sources, may not be entirely correct, and may not be the complete list of symptoms of Mosquito bite. in addition, symptoms of Mosquito bite may be different on an person basis for every patient. Only your physician can present sufficient diagnosis of symptoms and whether they are without a doubt symptom of Mosquito bite.

List of symptoms of Mosquito bite: The lists of symptoms mentioned in various sources for Mosquito bite include:

Redness around mosquito bite site
Itching bite site


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Tara I think i might be allergic to mosguitos as when ever i get biten by one of the buggers i come up in larger red lumps on my scin that covers nearly the whole area, also they start oozing liquid stuff from the exact point of the lump where the mosguito bit. Is this an allergic reaction, if so how severe is it or not
by Tara