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Mosquito bite reaction

To a question: "What is normal reaction to mosquito bite" answers Mayo Clinic dermatologist Lawrence Gibson, M.D.,  www.mayoclinic.com 

"normal" reaction to a mosquito bite can vary. Some people will have only a small area of redness, swelling and itching that typically goes away within 24 hours. Others may have a larger area of itching — sometimes the size of a grapefruit in highly sensitive individuals — that can last for several days.

In some cases, hypersensitivity to mosquito bites may be associated with an underlying medical condition, such as chronic lymphocytic lymphoma or certain viral infections, such as Epstein-Barr virus. However, this is uncommon.

Rarely, an individual may have a serious reaction to mosquito bites, which results in swelling in the throat, hives and wheezing. This life-threatening condition (anaphylaxis) requires immediate medical attention.

If you're sensitive to mosquito bites, the best advice is to avoid getting bitten. Follow these common-sense precautions:

Avoid areas, such as marshes, where mosquito activity is highest.
Avoid going outside when mosquitoes are most active, such as at dusk and dawn and after rain.
Wear protective clothing when outside.
Use insect repellent.
To relieve the itching of a bite, apply a lotion containing calamine. If you have a large local reaction, consider taking an over-the-counter antihistamine, such as diphenhydramine (Benadryl) to see if it helps. Consult your doctor if you're concerned about the severity of your reaction.


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Female, 21 I got bit over 200 times, what would be best to do? its been a week and they havent gone away.
by Female, 21
blekh when i get bitten by a mosquito,just once, then after a few hours i get loads of little swellings thet are aroun 1/4 to 1/2" all over my body, and its been like this for 18 yrs. they dont even redden, it just itches, ALOT! can some one please give me a reasonable explanation.
by blekh
ashley f Grrr! i hate mosquitos
by ashley f
ashley f once i got bite on my hand and now its big and swollen like a big ladys butt...
by ashley f
Amber Voelk I had gotten chewed up, like most of the time I step outside. This time I had gotten bit 3x by a large mosquito on the edge of my wrist. It's swollen and my joints in my wrist and elbow burn and are stiff. None of the other 13 bites did this. After reading this information, my mind is at ease. I think he just got me in a weird place in my wrist. And, having 3 almost in the same spot just made it more sensitive. If it's not improving in a few days I'll go see a doctor. But it sounds like I'm just sensitive. Thank you for posting everything we could possibly want to know of these lil rascals.
by Amber Voelk