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Mosquito bite treatment

Regardless of how cautious you are, if you reside where there are mosquitos likelihood that you'll be bitten eventually and experience the unpleasant consequences - ruddiness, swelling and that miserable burning and itching that lasts for days! Luckily, there are numbers of things you can exercise, home remedies and over-the-counter goods, to tame the itchiness and assist cure of mosquito bites.

   -In no way scratch a mosquito bite - it will build a stronger itch!
   -Washing the bite with soap and water as soon as possible may perhaps be a good idea. Some people say that rubbing soap straight on top of the bite might help diminish the itching.
   -Baking soda and water - make a past and apply it to the bites.
   -Hold an ice cube or ice pack on the bite.
   -Rubbing alcohol often relieves the itch and swelling.
   -Calamine lotion
   -Topical Anesthetics intended to relieve bug bites
   -1% Hydrocortisone cream - this may not be appropriate for everyone, read the label directions and warnings carefully.
   -Herbal remedies which may contain Tea Tree Oil or Lavendar Oil - again, read the label carefully and follow the directions.
Adults know (or quickly discover) that scratching a mosquito bite is one of the worst things to do. Try explaining that to kids! If it itches they're going to scratch at it, not only further irritating the bite but increasing the risk of infection. If there are no itch-relief remedies on hand (see above) that could be used on the spot,  teach your children to slap the bite as an alternative of scratching it. Slapping the mosquito bite area won't irritate it and the sting will take their mind off the itch for a little while - hopefully long enough to stop the viscious itching-scratching cycle until something more effective could be used.


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dave For me scratching works i hav a pond nxt to my house so i get lots of mosquito bites...swellin will go away in 10-20 min for most ppl
by dave