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Has anybody died from mosquito bite yet?

If that kind of thought crossed your mind, I should say, this is a very good question. I haven’t heard any of the cases when a mosquito bite would be fatal. But let’s have a clear distinction between a mosquito bite and a bee sting. The first and very important difference is that mosquito does not inject toxins when biting its victim. There is, of course some injection of anticoagulants, but the quantity is so small, that it could hardly be of any danger. Moreover, there are some other kind of biting flies that are much more effective at this.
The red spot (the pimple) that appears after the bite is nothing but the allergic reaction. The allergic reaction is caused by salvia, that mosquito injects into your body when sucking the blood.

If you’re a mosquito or insect bite virgin – meaning that you have never been bitten by a mosquito or its relatives, which I would hardly believe, there is a great possibility, that there will be no allergic reaction for the first time, and the bite area will not itch at all. Or, it will take much more time, probably so long, that you’ll forget about the bite (the time could extend until 2 weeks or even longer). Further bites (later on) will leave itchy bumps, developing allergic reaction within 24-48 hours after the bite.

The reaction to mosquito bite can not be categorized or timely structured, since each and every human body reacts to it differently. There are thousands of factors causing different reactions– starting with the simplest skin sensitivity, and finishing with psychological and/or imaginative ideas about “how bad it can be”.

When talking about bee bites, situation is not as harmless as the one with mosquitoes. The bee stings force an immune to response toward antibody production, favoring the production of antibodies. The production of those antibodies for some people may invoke hypersensitivity and/or anaphylaxis – this is where one could be at risk of swelling to the degree of inability to breathe (local anaphylaxis) or experiencing a sudden drop in blood pressure (anaphylactic shock).

There are a lot of treats for anaphylaxis these days. But once one was primed by that kind of reaction, measures of precaution should be taken.

The human immune system, triggered by a mosquito bite develops completely different reaction to the one when being stung by a bee. Therefore it is hard to believe that mosquito bite could cause anaphylactic shock. Of course, we are not talking about infected mosquitoes or individuals with unusual or genetically different immune system.



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mehul good to learn...
by mehul
Jake People, please learn to read "Of course, we are not talking about infected mosquitoes or individuals with unusual or genetically different immune system."
by Jake
Collateral Management CollateralManagement.org Yes you can. I had a friend by the name of Christopher who passed away from a mosquito bite. The mosquito had a virus and when it bit my friend it transmited the virus. His symptoms acted as if he had a regular head cold and by the time he went to the doctor, he fell into a coma and then died few days later. He will be missed...
by Collateral Management
Colleen A 4 year old girl in Central NY just dies this week from a mosquito bite. She contracted a virus called EEE(Eastern Equine Encephalitis). The article stated she is the 5th person to die in 40 years from the virus. This virus also attacks the brain and often leaves permanent brain damage in victims that survive. You should ask to read your mother's autopsy report because it would state the clear cause and it sounds like she passed young so one would definitely have been done.
by Colleen
John I don't think we are discussing infection due to mosquito bites, but rather death as a direct result of the bite. Mosquito bites rarely do, but can, in certain individuals, cause severe localized reactions, and anaphylaxis. It's actually said that those with no prior exposure to mosquitos are at higher risk and may react more severely to mosquito bites, and that over time an immunity is built up. I am an environmental technologist, which means I work out in the bush a lot, and over the years, i find that mosquito bites rarely last the day anymore. Of course they still drive you crazy buzzing all around your head, and then the stinging sensation inflicted by certain individuals when they sting you. I've always hoped against hope that maybe some day I would lose my appeal to the mosquittos.
by John
dee Have you even taken into consideration the deaths caused by disease carrying mosquitoes? this article does not seem to possess a complete and thorough research therefore is unreliable.
by dee
Milly I am severely allergic to mosquito bites and have to go to hospital whenever bitten. One of these days i'm told it could be the end of me, you are just talking nonsense!
by Milly
beth I dont really know the truth, but my Mom died when I was 5 years old. I was told my whole life that her death was due to a misquito bite, that caused her to be brain dead.
by beth
Leslie Are you kidding? Though rare, severe anaphylactic reactions to mosquito bites do occur (for example, to me today - TWICE!). In the severest case, left untreated, this could cause death.
by Leslie
Meaghan I heard of a World War I poet, Rupert Brooke, who is said to have died of a mosquito bite. He got bitten on the upper lip and then the bite became infected and he was dead within days. I think something must have been wrong with his immune system -- even in that pre-antibiotics age, I have NEVER heard of anyone else dying of an infected mosquito bite!
by Meaghan
Gail My five year old daughter has an allergy to mosquito bites. When bitten she has an anaphylactic reaction which is life threatening.
by Gail
Julius Malaria which was trasmitted by mosquito bites has caused hundreds if not thousands of deaths. So yes, people have died of mosquito bites
by Julius