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Allergic Reaction to mosquito bites

Most people have a variety of reactions to mosquito bites, but those with very sensitive skin are tend to mosquito bite allergy. Allergic reaction is conditioned by mosquito injected enzymes and anti-coagulants that prevent the blood from clotting and keep the blood flowing into the mosquito’s mouth. The body's immune system produces an antibody immunoglobulin E and histamine in response to contact with these allergens.

"Skeeter Syndrome" – is a severe reaction to mosquito bite. It occurs as blistering eruptions, bruises, or large swellings where mosquitoes have bitten. If after a mosquito bite a person suffers a huge area of swelling, for instance whole leg or belly, he is likely to have "Skeeter Syndrome".

Other allergic reactions to mosquito bite include anaphylaxis, whole body’s hives and swelling, or even escalation of asthma symptoms.

There are several groups of people that have a high risk to suffer from mosquito bite allergy. These are:

To sum up, if several of below listed symptoms occurs, a person is likely to have allergy to mosquito bite.


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Ashleah I got bitten lastnight and when I woke up today my whole foot was swollen and it slowly spread to my toes I can't even walk :(
by Ashleah
Shimpy I was bitten Tues. evening and it's now Fri. evening. The bites on my ankles are still half-dollar size, very red, itching and burning. I didn't get much sleep last night, even with applying Benadryl cream every few hours, which I'm not supposed to be using. I take 24-hr. allergy pills each day with antihistamines for other allergies. I've also used Neosporine and covered them with bandages to prevent infection. It usually takes a week or longer for them to completely heal. There must be something that helps relieve itching, pain and swelling.
by Shimpy
mom For instant relief, I buy lidocaine spray to cool and numb the swollen, hot, egg-size reaction from the bites. Apply cortisone 10 cream for a longer relief and I also take zrytec and my son takes benedryl orally. It works so well spraying them that my son doesnt get infections from scratching them anymore.
by mom
john gnats (no-see-ums) can do the same thing. Take Benadryl orally and apply the cream, too. I have a body suit including hood from REI that keeps them off. Unfortunately I left it in the car when I went fishing today. Bad mistake.
by john
Skeeter What can I use to help
by Skeeter
Holly I am going mad with itch . I just got 8 bites on each foot. The itch and. Burn is so bad I thot I was having an allergic reaction to my socks!thanksnfor the tip re aloe Vera I just plastered some on each foot top. It seems to be helping.
by Holly
Polly Whenever I get bit by mosquitoes, I always have way more bites than anyone else. Last week I had almost 30 bites on my legs, while my friend only had about 5. Is there a reason for that? Or do I just get bit more?
by Polly
Smelly_Cheese I got bit a bunch of times, and now a couple of them have red circles around them. And when I first got bit, the bites were huge, like the size of a quarter or a loonie! Is this normal? Am I allergic?
by Smelly_Cheese
901EMT Mom, i have the same allergic reaction to mosquito bites. i'm 24 and after all my years of struggling with this i've discovered that "bug & sun" made by coppertone works the absolute best for me. My mother discovered this when i was young. They sell this at walgreens and i believe Wal-Mart. and for the itching try 100% Aloe Vera gels.
by 901EMT
Mom My son gets large welts after being bitten. This last time has been particularly bad. It almost seems as if no one else gets bitten much at all, yet he can have 20 or more bites. Aside from giving him his allergy meds and using calamine lotion, what can I do to help stop the itching?
by Mom
Silent Grr, i had a horrible reaction to them yesterday. Its gone now, and i can get bit without that reaction happening again, but it was horrid.
by Silent
femit i hate mosquitos
by femit
sally mosquitos are super scary
by sally