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Mosquito bite questions

Welcome to our Mosquito question answer area. If you have a mosquito related questions feel free to ask using our comment form bellow. All mosquito related questions and answers will be included into the main category and avialable for future reviews. If we will not be able to provide you with the quality answer the link for further information research will be given. Please remember, that any information is just information, please use it for your own sole risk.

Mosquito bite question #1
Has anybody ever died of mosquito bite? (Leane)

Indeed this is a very good question that a lot of people think of but are unable to find a good answer to. Our answer would be YES and NO, for more information, please check the article in our Mosquito Bite section "Has anybody died of mosquito bite yet?"


Mosquito bite question #2

I was recently in Central America, and I was attacked in my sleep by mosquitos. I suffered over 200 bites all over my body. It has been over a month and I still have bite marks that still itch. Should I be concerned? (Jerry)
Bite marks can still be visible for a quite long time, but itching usually stops in several days. If you’ve been scratching those little bite bumps over and over, that’s why it still itches. Your organism is fighting mosquito saliva that was injected during the female mosquito bite by forming those hives - it releases chemical called histamine which causes your blood vessels to enlarge near the bite place. When you scratch, you are forcing your body to start its work again and again.

Some people are more sensitive to mosquito bites than others and allergic reactions could develop. You may also be interested in reading Mosquito bite reaction .

If itching is the only problem, you should look for anti-itch cream in drug store. Other possible ways to fight itching are described in Mosquito bite treatment and Mosquito bite remedy section.

There is always a possibility that you got infected with some kind of microorganism by mosquito or during the scratching, especially knowing that you’ve been visiting Central America. So if anti-itching products won’t help, you should see your doctor.

On the other hand, if you feel sick, experience severe headaches, fever, disorientation, muscle aches and pain, you should see your doctor immediately!

Mosquito bite question #3

I am writing because I have two small children (2yr old and 1yr old) and they get bit all the time. Ilive by water. Right now each of them have at least five bites each. I spray them with off almost every night before bed and they still wake up with bites.Any suggestions? (Monique)
We would recommend you to try using mosquito bed nets, also called bed net canopies. As your children are so small, it would be easy and inexpensive to put mosquito net over their beds. You won’t need to spray them any more, which is good keeping in mind that usually it is still unknown what a long lasting impact of different chemicals could be. Different other insects such as house flies would not bother your sleeping children anymore if you use a mosquito net.

We assume you have already read our Mosquito control section and you can select which other measures could fit your needs. Just if the main goal is to prevent your children from being bitten at night, we recommend using inexpensive natural barriers – mosquito nets.

There is also a possibility that your children got bitten by common bed bug (Cimex lectularius), although it is quite small unless you unknowingly brought those bugs from infested hotel or they came from your neighbors (if you live in a multi-unit dwelling).


Mosquito bite question #4 

What is the length of the mosquito’s' proboscis? How far can a mosquito insert the proboscis in its victim? (Julius) 

Well, this question cannot be answered absolutely precisely, because there are many mosquito species which are different in size. Moreover, mosquitoes of the same species could be of different sizes, depending on conditions of larvae development – if larvae grew undernourished, adult mosquitoes would be smaller. As proboscis doesn’t grow independently from the whole body, its length correlates with the length of all the body. Anyway, most of the commonest mosquitoes have the proboscis 0.1 – 0.14 inches (2,5-3,5 mm) long and half or even 2/3 of it is usually inserted in victim’s body.


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Amanda Is it possible for a mesquite to bite you in one place and bit you by it?
by Amanda
candii I have multiple mosquito bites with small white heads in thr moddle of them, are they infected or whats going on?
by candii
tracey what sort of food are malaria spreading mosquitoes attracted to
by tracey
Alejandro Tello Is there any possibility that a mosquito bites in the eye (specifically the cornea)? Since it is not vascularized (not blood) it seems improbable that mosquitoes bite it directly. The eyelid has more than four mm in thickness, so it is improbable that the proboscis can pierce it.
by Alejandro Tello
eddie why do we call them mosquito bites when in actuality they poke us to draw blood from us. Mosquito do not have a mouth teeth or gums to bite so where did they phrase originate from?
by eddie
Tiffany I got bit by a mosquito about 3 months ago. I still have a red bump,and it feels knotted. Any suggestions?
by Tiffany
Doreen How many eyes do mosquitos have?
by Doreen
Rikal Mosquitoes seem to love me, I'm covered in bites...my window is open though with a screen on it but I seem to get bitten throughout the day, I've resigned myself to that, but is it normal to find that a few of them have all appeared at the same time around the same area after scratching the area as it is itchy(they are raised bumps that look whiter than the red area around them after scratched) This can't be normal, I normally find them on at a time...and a single mosquito couldn't possibly bite you in a number of different places at once, it's tiny and has no reason to do so...any possible explanation?
by Rikal
mimi Do mosquitoes have a special pheromones that can attract its colonies once they died?Just like bees have.Because it seems they got higher numbers around after i killed few of them.thanks
by mimi
Madeline Romero So yesterday I was outside and it was like at night because we had a bonfire and you know there's always going to Mosquitos. The next day I started to itch and I know they were mosquito bites because sine they turn red. My question is... Why is my mosquito bite big and normal skin color?
by Madeline Romero
Madeline romero Why is my mosquito bite so big and not red it's like my normal skin color?
by Madeline romero
Dorothy Mosquitos have always been attracted to me. I always get bit when no one else around me does. My husband tells me that I am the best mosiquito repellent he has. I don't wear perfume and I don't sweat a lot.I use deet and avoid being outside a lot especially around dusk and dawn. I have endured this for many years without any serious reaction until fairly recently. About the time I became a senior citizen, whenever I am bit by a misquito the area will swell up to about 3-4 inches in diameter and be hot with fever within a matter of an hour or so. It will remain that way from 3 days to a week and itches so badly it hurts.I have taken anthistamines and tried all kinds of remedies from the web but nothing that gives me relief for more than and hour or so. Is this due just to a weak immune system or is it also related to chemical changes in my body?
by Dorothy
leanne I had gotten bite 5 times up around the armpit and now the bites are starting to go away but now I have an awful rash that itches and hurts. I have tried hydrocortisone cream and calamine mistook and nothing is helping. Someone please help..
by leanne
Melinda I have had a bite on my arm for almost 3 weeks. It still gets itchy from time to time but its so weird to me that it has lasted this long! Could it be from a mosquito?
by Melinda
bri What cab I do to help prevent mosquitoes? Like when I sleep at night. Is it any different if i leave the light on?
by bri
jullee While camping in Eastern WA I was bit by about 200 mosquitis and was very sick for over a week. Now 3 years later I am strugling with Lyme disease symptoms and am now being treated by a Lyme doctor. I have never known of being bit by a tick and they are not prevelant in my area at all. is it possible that I got Lyme from all those mosquito bites?
by jullee
amy every time i go to my country algeria i wake up with bites all over me every day then i get more and more i always put the bug spray before i sleep. And i have to have a shower everyday
by amy
Pete My question is an I get a disease from mosquito blood I. E. when I kill them with my hands and get blood on my hands or are the diseases transmitted through bites only. Thanks
by Pete
jeffry do mosquitoes defeacate?
by jeffry
Joyce What do mosquitoes feed on other than humans? are they parasites?
by Joyce
Sara How long can it take for a mosquito bite show a rash on the skin? If I know, I can figure out when I'm getting bitten. If I wake up with bites, does that mean I got them in bed, or could it be from being outside during the day?
by Sara
Patti on my house the fromt porch which is hard to describe but it is a covered porched but not closed in and it is dark the porch light went out but there allot of mesquitos out there what could be attracting them. We have a dryer vent that comes out of the wall and there is a decrotive reef that is fake on the porch. no standing water.
by Patti
Ache I was BITE by a mosquito maybe just a minute ago in the afternoon i just wanna ask if all mosquitoes that attacks in the afternoon has a DENGUE? I am worrying right now! This isn't normal because i think these days i have never seen a mosquito even at night.
by Ache
mystery every summer i get soooo many mosquito bites all over my body. somehow, only me, my brother, and my dad get a lot of mosquito bites, and not my sister and my mom. how??? my bites get really big, red, and itchy. its so annoying!
by mystery
mystery every summer, i get soooo many mosquito bites all over my body. somehow, only me, my brother, and dad get a lot of mosquito bites, and my sister and my mom dont. how??? my bites get really big and red and itchy. like, a lot.
by mystery
Barbara Last night a mosquito bit me and it hurt worse than a needle shot. It left a red mark and it never did itch. Should I be concerned?
by Barbara
Cathy White I was wondering if there is anything I can ingest that will make me less vulnerable like a yeast pill or something. I contracted encephalitis several years ago & my doctor told me it was likely a dormant virus as a result of a mosquito. Needless to say, I am not a fan of the bugs!
by Cathy White
lois im 12 and am terrified of mosquitos. its not being bitten that i hate, its just them! the noise the feeling their gross looks! i have a phobia of them. please help me overcome this!
by lois
mary I was bitten all over my body a week ago. The second day there was a little black dot in the center of some of them. Actually was a tiny black piece of something What kind of mosquito is this. The welts are still here too, but only some still itch.
by mary
shreehari is there radiation or any signal which attract mosquitos? is there radiation or any signal which can kill mosquitos?
by shreehari
heath are there any types of foods, drinks, chemicals, etc a person could ingest to repel mosquitoes or be less attractive to them?
by heath
Cherie My oldest son and I seem to get more bug bites then anyone else in our family. My family ( 6 of us) could all be together outside but only my oldest boy and I get bitten. What causes this? Why are they more attracted to my son and I over everyone else? What can we do? We haven't found a bug repellent that stops them yet! Help.
by Cherie
Sarah My 1 year old son received 30-40 insect bites on his lower legs while crawling around on the grass. For two days they were raised pink bumps with a pinhead-sized white pimple in the center of each one. On the third day, they turned a lighter pink/brown and were not raised as much. Does anyone know if mosquito bites have a pinhead-sized "white-head" in the middle of each one? Thanks!
by Sarah