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Relieving mosquito bite itch with leaves, fruits and oils

Mosquito bite itch can be relieved using natural products as plant leaves, oils or even fruit juices. You should try at least some of them and see by yourself which are good and which are not.

Firstly, some plant oils, as tea tree oil, lavender oil, witch hazel or cedar oil can be applied directly to a bite area to relieve mosquito bite itch. One should know, that some fears exist about repeated use of essential oils on children and pre-teens

Talking further, crushed fresh leaves of basil and plantains (Plantago) can be applied to bite area too.

And finally, it appears that fresh fruit juice is also helpful relieving mosquito bite itch. You’ll need to apply a fresh juice from lemon or lime directly to bite area. Lemon and lime slice or even rubbing inside of banana peel could help you to relieve the itch.

It would be interesting to know if any of these methods helped anyone, as we haven’t yet tried them.


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