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Relieving mosquito bite itch

You could make a remedy for an annoying insect bite yourself, from ingredients commonly found in most households. As there are dozens of biting mosquito species, some remedies may work while others fail. Just try some of them and see what suits you best.

Many suggestions for relieving mosquito bite itch may be found on internet and here we want to give you several:




Hot tea bag




There are also some commercial products like lotions or creams that could be applied directly to bite area to relieve mosquito bite itch. Here are some of them:

    After Bite


    Bag Balm

    Benadryl Cream


    Calamine Lotion

    Lucas Papaw Ointment

    Mylanta (heartburn relief product)

    Preparation H

    Tiger Balm

    Vicks VapoRub


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Wtf? Oi Josh I tried it, and strangely it worked, thanks man :) (although it was a bit weird hahaha)
by Wtf?
Josh Mm, yeah, these methods are ok, but know I know a better way, I rub loob on my itch abd the itch goes away straight away!!
by Josh
kirsty toothpaste hasnt worked for me so going to try others they driving me crazy n r swollen 2!!
by kirsty
sheil after bite, vicks and caladryl work so well, i have 18 bites on me right now so i can tell you from experience
by sheil