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Mosquito zappers and trappers

The same mosquito traping technology used by research scientists is now available for home use. There are a wide variety of traps and zappers available on the market, with equally varying effectiveness. For the most part, zappers are far less effective and result in the killing of too many beneficial insects. Two brands of mosquito traps, the Lentek Mosquito Trap and the Mosquito Magnet, have been independently determined to be very effective in capturing mosquitos. These units use various attractants like CO2, heat, and light to mimic the blood meal of the female mosquito (it's true, only females bite!). As the mosquito is lured to the trap, they are captured by a suction vacuum and killed. Traps are environmentally friendly in that the do not use harsh chemcials (the Mosquito Magnet does emit octenol), and do not kill beneficial insects. The greatest benefit of a mosquito trap, however, is that it will intercept mosquitos as they move from neighboring properties to yours in search of a blood meal. Further, as the trap captures more and more mosquitoes, the breeding population in and around your property will collapse, reducing the number of future mosquitoes in the area. We recommend the Lentek Mosquito Trap as opposed to the Mosquito Magnet since independent tests show it is equally effective, but it costs far less than the Mosquito Magnet.


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