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Mosquito granules

There are several mosquito control products used in the form of granules, but having different effects on those pests. One effect is adult mosquito repelling, while another – killing of mosquito larvae.

Mosquito repellents are often produced in granules, making it easier for people to spread them around the place. Mosquito repelling granules are applied to the lawn, ground or anywhere else outdoors and creates a protective barrier around the area. Those granules usually have a pleasant aroma, contain all natural ingredients and are not harmful to people, pets or plants. Repelling effect of such mosquito granules lasts for one to several weeks.

Another type of mosquito control product produced in granules is mosquito larvicide. It affects mosquito larvae and later prevents the emergence of adult mosquitoes. Larvicides used in granules mimic the action of insect growth regulation hormone. They artificially stunt the insects' development, making it impossible for mosquitoes to mature to the adult stages, and thus preventing them from reproducing. Two of the common larvicide used against mosquitoes are Methoprene and (S)-Methoprene, both also called Insect Growth Regulators. Methoprene chemical formula is C19H34O3.

Mosquito control granules, such as Methoprene granules are simply sprinkled or broadcast in areas where mosquitoes may breed – bird baths, water gardens or other water holding receptacles and are active around 21 days.

Third type of mosquito granules is simply another form of mosquito dunks. It contains Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis as an active agent that simply kills mosquito larvae. Such mosquito granules dissolve faster than dunks and thus have a quicker impact on mosquito population around the area.


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