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Mosquito fogger

Mosquito foggers work by spraying insecticide in air in fine droplets. Microscopic fog particles are produced that can penetrate even through dense foliage. Usually the effect of sprayed insecticide lasts for several hours and has to be reapplied. Mosquito foggers are helpful in clearing wide areas of annoying insects and could be applied in backyards, gardens, lawns or other outdoors and indoors areas.

There are two fogger types depending on their working principles – thermal (or “hot”) foggers and cold foggers.

Thermal fogger heats oil based fogging solutions and produces pesticide fog, which is light and stays suspended longer than ordinary sprays. A range of droplet sizes is produced including a large number of very small droplets that could reach spaces obstructed by vegetation, or other physical obstructions indoors. Those small droplets can travel greater distances and also make the fog highly visible.

Cold fogger generates fog droplets by using a high volume of air at low pressure, producing droplets of a precise size. Although large amounts of very small droplets are not produced, this type of fog is considered cleaner and can be used indoors and outdoors to kill mosquitos or other unwanted flying pests. Cold foggers can be calibrated to produce droplets of particular size, best suiting the type of insecticide used.

Many different products are used with foggers – most popular insecticides being Permethrin, Pyrethrum, Resmethrin, Malathion, DEET, CedarCide and others.

There are electric powered and pulse-jet mosquito foggers as well as propane powered and backpack foggers on the market for application in areas with no electricity available. Most of the foggers are lightweight, easy to use and handy while treating of several locations is needed.

Although mosquito foggers are mostly used to eradicate mosquitoes, bitingflies, gnats, wasps, moths and other nuisance outdoor pests are killed too.


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