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The Mosquito cell phone ring tone mp3 and wav files

The Mosquito cell phone ring tone sometimes also called teen buzz was copied by someone from original teen repeller device made by security expert Howard Stapleton and it quickly spread through the web.

The most interesting thing behind the mosquito ring tone is that the older you are, the less likely it is you can hear this tone. In other words, kids can hear the mosquito ringtone and adults usually can't. And all this is because of the natural aging of our ears - when we get old, we lose the ability to hear high frequencies. The New York Times about a year ago published an article and there you can read more about the history of mosquito ringtones.

If you’d like to try the mosquito sound by yourself, you can download a free mosquito cell phone ringtone in MP3 format
Or if your phone doesn’t play it well, try to download the mosquito ringtone wav file .
The sound on both of the files is at the 17 kHz frequency and it should not be heard by people older than 24. But be careful – some of those older ones still hear sounds of even higher frequency!


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Carlos Durr Muito bom mesmo. Eu o apliquei no meu amplificador de potência e constatei que além dos mosquitos também foram aniquilados os mosquitos da dengue , baratas , formigas , marimbondos , ratos , ratazanas , camundongos e por fim todos , mas todos mesmo .. todos os políticos desse nosso querido planeta terra..... Ah ...que pena que foi apenas um sonho !!!! Mas com certeza isso ainda vai acontecer. (Daniel 2:44)
by Carlos Durr
shuaib its gud nd best aginst Mosquito and DAINGI...
by shuaib
Carlos I am 43 years old and I can hear the sound :)
by Carlos