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Natural Mosquito Repellent

Natural mosquito repellentDifferent types of mosquitoes react to different stimuli and they also have complex methods of detecting hosts. Mostly mosquitoes

are active at dusk and dawn, but there're mosquitoes that seek hosts during the day too. You can avoid mosquito bite by making sure you are not attracting mosquito, avoiding actions that diminish the effectiveness of the natural repellent, using attractants to lure mosquitoes and using a natural repellent. elsewhere.

Natural Repellents

Mosquito Attractants

Below you will see a list what attracts mosquito. Keep in mind to avoid these things.

  1. Skin Temperature
    The exact temperature depends on the type of mosquito. Many mosquitoes are attracted to the slightly cooler temperatures of the extremities.
  2. Floral or Fruity Fragrances
    In addition to perfumes, hair products, and scented sunscreens, watch for the subtle floral fragrance from fabric softeners and dryer sheets.
  3. Lactic Acid
    You release more lactic acid when you have been exercising or after eating certain foods (e.g., salty foods, high-potassium foods). 
  4. Carbon Dioxide
    You give off more carbon dioxide when you are hot or have been exercising. A burning candle or other fire is another source of carbon dioxide.
  5. Dark Clothing
    Many mosquitoes use vision to locate hosts from a distance. Dark clothes and foliage are initial attractants.

Things that Lower Natural Repellent Effectiveness

Keep in mind that natural repellent doesn't automatically imply safe. In fact, some natural insect repellents are toxic. On the other hand, natural repellent give an alternative to chemicals which are synthetic, please remember to follow the manufacturer's instructions when using natural products.


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