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Sig Mosquito

SIG mosquito is actually a semi-automatic pistol manufactured by the Swiss/German company SIG SAUER. It is sometimes called simply Mosquito, SigArms Mosquito or SigSauer Mosquito Pistol.

Sig Mosquito is based on the Sig Sauer P226 chambered for the .22 Long Rifle Cartridge and is said to be the ideal choice for hours of shooting fun. The Sig Sauer Mosquito pistol is equipped with a wear-resistant polymer frame set with an included Pica tinny rail.

Here are some of the specifications:
Caliber 22LR
Overall Length 7.20 inches
Overall Height 5.28 inches
Overall Width 1.46 inches
Weight w/ Mag 24.6 oz
Mag Capacity 10 Rounds

It would be really interesting to know how the gun got its name, but this is a hard task, I guess. I keep wondering why people give "mosquito" names to such things as guns, songs, toys or similar even when there is not direct resemblance with e.g. the sound of true mosquito. Any ideas?


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Roger Cruz Any 22LR platform could be tricky; they require lots of fine tuning. In that regards, they get a bad wrap, because most shooters really are quite simply ignorant. Americans epecially with their fixation for instant gratification complain the most about such erratic predicament. If you have the knowledge, skill, and patience to fine tune 22LR platforms, they are tons of fun and cheap. Mosquito - small but terrible - they STING!
by Roger Cruz
brian my sig 232 and mosquito both jammed a few times with the cheep ammo i used the lighter spring and mini mags and a little oil and it went thru 250 rounds no prob. the gun has a bad wrap but i love it
by brian
Doug I'm guessing that this pistol is named the mosquito because it is Sig's smallest firearm in terms of caliber.
by Doug
Aaron With my Mosquito, I found that few ammunition types worked with any reliability. Give CCI Mini-Mag or Stinger a try. Both of these have worked flawlessly for me. Some of the other review sites indicate that by shortening the weaker spring by one coil you can start using cheaper .22lr types.
by Aaron
canman the first outing saw loads of failures to feed ,eject , or fire with remington ammo. that was with the stronger spring they say to use with high speed ammo. I hope it is just breaking in problems. what I have read online does not sound too good. will try again with lighter spring and maybe differant ammo. got my fingers crossed! I trusted Sig , hope it works out.
by canman