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Mosquito habitats

Mosquitoes live around water. Various species breed and make their homes in the following areas:

Posible mosquito habitat #1: Salt Marshes
Coastal salt marshes serve as breeding ground for several species of mosquitoes. Areas such as depressions and neglected ditches can breed millions of mosquitoes during the course of a summer. These mosquitoes can be effectively controlled through Open Marsh Water Management practices.

Posible mosquito habitat #2: Freshwater Marshes
Specific species of mosquitoes are born in freshwater marshes. The larvae attach themselves to the stems and roots of the vegetation to obtain oxygen, and to acquire a certain amount of protection from predatory fish.

Posible mosquito habitat #3: Temporary Woodland Pools
Shallow pools are common in wooded areas during the spring and wet summers. Various mosquito species will breed in this environment. They lay their eggs along the edges of the pools formed by rainwater.

Posible mosquito habitat #4: Roadside Ditches
Roadside ditches are common habitats for many species of mosquitoes and ditches that hold water for extended periods of time become a breeding ground.

Posible mosquito habitat #5: Freshwater Ponds
Some mosquito larvae is found primarily in small ponds where vegetated growth accommodates breeding.

Posible mosquito habitat #6: Running Water
Streams with running water produce few, if any, mosquitoes. However, mosquitoes are sometimes found in isolated pockets of calm water away from the main flow of the stream.

Posible mosquito habitat #7: Artificial Containers
Artificial containers like tires, buckets and gutters provide an ideal habitat for mosquitoes. Therefore, in order to keep the area around your home mosquito-free, all items collecting rainwater should be tipped over, removed or cleaned regularly.


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