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Mosquito eater

People quite often give animals or insects names that are really not related to what those animals look like or what they really do. Mosquito eater is only one of such wrong names, although also used for several correct designations.


The most popular yet most inaccurate use of the “mosquito eater” name is attributed to naming crane flies. To some people crane flies look like overgrown mosquitoes and so that wrong name is given to them. Crane flies belong to family Tipulidae of the Diptera order. They are sometimes also called mosquito hawks, gallnippers or jimmy spinners. In the UK they are most commonly referred to as Daddy Long-Legs, while the creatures known in the US as Daddy Long-Legs are actually a species of arachnid known as Opiliones. Larvae of crane flies develop in muddy soils, meadows, backyard lawns and consume roots and are occasionally considered a mild turf pests. Adult craneflies feed on nectar or do not feed at all; most crane fly species live only to mate and die once they become adults and mate. So they do not prey on mosquitoes and do not bite people or any other animals.

One genus of the real mosquitoes - Toxorhynchites - is also sometimes colloquially referred to as "mosquito eaters". As their larvae really prey on larvae of other mosquitoes, the name of mosquito eaters is given correctly.

Gambusia, better known as"Mosquito Fish," is also sometimes called „mosquito eater“ as it eagerly feeds on mosquito larvae. A large female of mosquito fish can consume 100-200 mosquito larve per day. In doing so, this species helps control populations of disease-carrying mosquitoes.

Some mosquito traps are named mosquito eaters mostly for advertising purposes. Products that are designed to lure and then trap and kill mosquitoes may be called this as they "eat" mosquitoes, and thus reduce their populations. Several of such products can be named: Gobblin™ Mosquito Eater, Dragonfly Ultimate Mosquito Eater, Texol’s Mosquitoeater and Mini-Mosquitoeater.



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2015-07-03 I have always referred and thought of these as mosquito eaters.... Tonight I was sitting outside and one landed on my knee... The thing BIT me and left a nice hole. They DO bite. I will never do a catch and release on these things again.
by Sierra
2015-05-19 I am so glad they don't bite people. I get one to two a night in my bedroom, they tend to stay around the ceiling light and just hang on the ceiling and sit there. They creep me out, sometimes I vacuum them up if they get too close, I will leave them alone more.
by Amelia
2015-04-05 Omg...kills me how some people have an over the top fear of flying insects. Most are here to help the environment. I just came looking for answers. We moved into a new home and my home looks like a mosquito eater killing field. We have an average of 6 in the house a day. But there are dead ones all over the house when I get up in the morning. There is even a corner in one bedroom where most of them go to die. I would appreciate if there are no smart alleck remarks on my answer but helpful ones instead. It saddens me to see this.
by Mizfroggie
2014-08-01 The stupid bugers always come in my house and are a pest
by riley
2013-04-24 oh so you mean mosquito whatever thing dont bite people i dont like them they creep me out they just stand still like frozen i dont like when they land on me :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((999
by gametime with keshawn
2012-05-07 it would have been nice if they actually eat mosquitoes, because all that buzzing and blood sucking thing is annoying hahaha.
by James
2012-03-16 thanks... and i dont need a pic to look at, i got a whole yard of them!!! lol
by kim
2012-03-14 Thanks so much for this post I really appreciate it. I needed info on this particular bug I agree that a pic would've been nice but the info that you gave was really helpful despite the photo!!
by Dora
2012-03-14 Agree, pictures would be great! Good info! I have tons in my yard and house and hair and.... But, MANY more mosquitoes!
by Mary
2011-05-21 These small flying animals are absolutely deadly to humans. beware!
by Bob
2011-05-02 woww i hate them there everywhere hous garage yard and there isnt any mosquitos stupid mosqutio hawks
by maci
2011-04-07 I agree that it wud be much bettr if u had a game. The best wud b 1 with race cars. Then I cud learn it. U R a bad teacher!!!!!!!!!
by Sarah
2011-04-03 @CHELSEA - wtf is up with your spelling and grammar?!
by Dee
2011-03-20 Add pics of the species you are talking about.
by Tee
2010-09-06 wait you guys are joking right? these can be VERY harmful sometimes.
by hahahahah
2010-07-14 uhh i was staring at one in my room and i kept watching to make sure it wouldnt sneak up on me and bite me or spray poison or somethin. But now i know they will not hurt me so thank u whoever wrote this. :)
by caroline m
2010-06-14 Thank you this VERY helpful
by Ricardo Valdez
2010-05-07 I agree with what you said, but pictures would help... Especially if they were in a game
by Bobbert
2010-04-30 Ummm Pictures would have helped
by Jordan Juliette
2009-08-27 you should have games
by kiki
2009-03-25 AHHH i hated those bugs and were sooooo terrified of them but now i know they do no harm to me thank you very much for whoever wrote this!
by alex johnson

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