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Mosquito bar

I can’t stop wondering that people still find something attractive in mosquitoes and use this name for various businesses. Mosquito bar is one of such widely used titles and we’d like to give you details on some of these mosquito bars from all over the world.

Starting from the Old Continent, one of the best-known places is The Mosquito Bar , situated in Clapham, South London. It is is very popular with late night drinkers, Catering & Bar staff as is open till 5am, Monday to Sunday. They specialize in Halal Indian Cuisine and have a wide selection of vegetarian food.
As the “Time Out Bars, Pubs & Clubs Guide 2008” puts it: While the drinks selection is nothing special, the atmosphere – as well as the schizophrenic collection of celebrity photos from Elephant and Castle sister restaurant/club Ivory Arch (a photo of Cherie Blair stands side by side with Bobby Brown and Heather Smalls) – make this possibly the most entertaining place to visit in Clapham.

A little bit to the South East, in Belgium, we find Mosquito coast bar . It was established in 1999 in Ghent. As owner say: “Situated in the heart of the city, its cozy interior, extensive travel library and countless souvenirs and photos will invite you right in.”

Going further to the East there is another Mosquito bar , this time in Hügelsheim, Germany. Hopefully you speak German and will understand what’s written on their website.

And finally there is one more Mosquito Bar in Fuengirola, Spain . Owners call it traditional bar with family values and you can check for more information through the link.

Let’s now jump to the New World – what about mosquito love there? Well, people aren’t so different anyways and here are three Mosquito bars situated from Vancouver, Canada through Raleigh, NC down to Daytona Beach, FL:
Mosquito Creek bar & grill - North Vancouver, Canada
Mosquito bar – Raleigh, NC
Mosquito Cove Bar – Daytona Beach, FL

And for the very end here comes some exotics from Asia – island of Samui, Thailand.
Mosquito bar in Lamai fisihg village lies roughly 644 km. south of Bangkok. Situated on the south-east coast of Samui, Mosquito Bar is right in the busy shopping and nightlife centre of Lamai. It is privately owned by two Italian guys – Marco and Alex and is a terrace surrounded by palms at the top floor of a shop with a beautiful view.


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Ed you forgot about the mosquito bar in Stephensville, LA... where the real big mosquitos hang
by Ed