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Mosquito behavior

Here we have some interesting videos of how mosquitos behave in real world.

1. Mosquito bite video -  a short video of a mosquito biting/drilling victim's skin. (.avi) www.allmosquitos.com/video/mosquito-bite.avi (912 Kb)

2. Mosquito larva video - another short video of a mosquito larva. (.avi) www.allmosquitos.com/video/mosquito-larva.avi (737 Kb)

3. Mosquito emerge - watch the video of mosquito emerge. (.avi) www.allmosquitos.com/video/mosquito-emerge.avi (121 Kb)

4. Mosquito sucking victim's blood - watch a video how mosquito fills up with victim's blood. (.avi) www.allmosquitos.com/video/mosquito-blood-suck.avi (95 Kb)


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mustafir rahaman itr true
by mustafir rahaman
mike awsome!!!!
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