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Squashed mosquito 2People sometimes have quite strange hobbies or occupations. What would you say if we told you about a man making pictures of squashed mosquitos, maggots, ticks and other crawling creatures?

Meet Volker Steger – freelance science photographer from Munich, Germany, producer of features for popular science magazines worldwide.

Mr. Steger is using scanning electron microscope to take his pictures. In order to be photographed, insects have to be dead and free of water, because the water can disrupt the electron beam if it evaporates in the vacuum chamber. Later the dead dry bugs are coated with a conductive metal alloy, mostly platinum. They have to be electrically conductive so the electron beam can scan the surface without causing them to charge up.

Squashed mosquito pictureAnd finally the black and white pictures from scanning electron microscope are colored. As Mr. Steger says, he “tries to pick colors that look good and that don't appear “natural,” but are not gaudy“. But here comes the problem, as people usually perceive those colors to be natural while they are fake.

We hope you will enjoy those incredible images of squashed mosquitos as we did.Squashed mosquito picture 3



Volker Steger was awarded a 2000 Visuell award for science photography, a 2000 Award of the German Press for science photography, and a 1996 LEICA award for science photography. To see other images, visit his web site at www.stegerphoto.com


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Migue As long as somebody considers it art... it's art.
by Migue
Manish K Verma Volker Steger Thanks Sir Your pictures was help me in my seminar.
by Manish K Verma
Zucado The only good mosquito is a dead one. Someone hand this guy an award for finding a way to feed his need in a way that serves the better good.
by Zucado
Tommi i can't believe the people and some of their comments. yeah i love nature but a mosquito is a pest...like some people. we don't and aren't able to kill people freely (yet), but as long as my family is allergic to them, keep squashing 'em!
by Tommi
mickey I hate mosquitoes and I was just bitten by one. These pictures make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
by mickey
Felicity You need your head examined mate.
by Felicity
Luke Soz guys to rock your boat but hey cool art.
by Luke
Adam Hey girls - dont agree hey - well neither do I - you probably think but your a bloke - but I think its cruel - he should reconsider their lives before killing them.
by Adam
Debra Yeah I agree, sure art is good but squashing bugs just to produce a piece of art - ??? - am I the only one who doesn't agree with this?
by Debra
Felicity Just really cruel - people like this dont deserve to be trusted by nature- sure good art - but at the expense of what - what will be next - squash a human and call that art? - honestly - what must we put up with next?
by Felicity