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Mosquito history

The mosquito history: millions of years ago, used to be much bigger in size. It actually used to be three times as large as it is today, which makes a pretty darn big mosquito! Bet a bite from one of those would hurt! But, its' proboscis, or what it uses to suck out the blood of a human or animal, was also about three times smaller than it is today. This posed a problem to it! Well nature does work in miraculous ways, and over millions of years, it did evolve and change to better fit its environment and eating needs, shrinking to less than three times its original size, and extending its proboscis by three times.

The mosquito history: The mosquito has also done a very good job in keeping its population and numbers up. At first, when it first came to be, there were not that many. But as it evolved and adjusted to its environment through millions of years, it began to mate a lot, and now there are millions if not billions of them around.

The mosquito history: The mosquito is one of the best animals at adapting to its' environment. It can practically lay eggs anywhere that there's one inch deep water, that's semi-still.- (" Remember, they can lay eggs anywhere that the water is an inch deep." - Mohr, Caroline. Personal interview. (24 May I999). The water can be fairly dirty as well. But sadly, many mosquitoes are losing their homes because of its' constant changing environment. Due to the fact that wetlands all over the world are being destroyed, mosquitos are forced to move into other territories and readjusting. Although they are great adjusters, not all can survive. While I do think that some will die, I do not think that there is any chance of mosquitoes becoming endangered, at least not in this lifetime!


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