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Kill Mosquito

The purspose of the game to kill as much mosquitos as posible withiut letting them get to the skin. Each bite causes loss of blood. As soon as you get bitten significant amount of times - you are out of blood, the game is over. As far as I know, no one has ever reached the 10th level - so if you get fast enough - send us the screenshot, we'll show everyone :)

How to play: the game is really easy, just move your mouse over the mosquito you want to smash, and click your mouse button. Good luck! :)


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DwightNef Hello. And Bye.
by DwightNef
Nobody10th Lol i was at 11th level, liars..
by Nobody10th
carol Made it to level 9!
by carol
jamal So nice and cool
by jamal
munahil fazooooooooooooooooool hai
by munahil
TMan I only made it to level three!!!
by TMan