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Anti mosquito software

This program produces sound in the range of 16000Hz to 20000Hz which is beyond the audiable range of humans. Pests and other animals can though hear the very same frequency. This sound produces an undesirable effect on mosquitos and other pests thus restrains them from flying.

I can hardly imagine, how author of this tool and anyone out there could get 16KHz+ out of his speakers, but... Moreover, human ear can hear 40HZ to 20KHZ, mosquitos 18k unto 24k, PC loudspeakers can produce sound upto 17/18k.

Hence, the program will probably kill your acoustic, instead of killing the mosquito arround you.

Besides critical thinking, it was proven that these type of things are not effective.

If you still want to try, you can download this software at www.allmosquitos.com/soft/anti-mosquito.rar (3MB)

Please, use the software at solely your own risk. We take no responsibility for any damage, harm etc. whatsoever!



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Rihanna Waw
by Rihanna
melang can i play this and play music at the time?
by melang
Fajar utama Nice by fajaar
by Fajar utama
deep good work
by deep
dara i want to download
by dara
Triono Good
by Triono
Scientist The program makes a sound in which mimics the dragonfly, which is a natural predator of mosquitoes. O programa emite um som no qual imita a libélula, que é um predador natural dos mosquitos.
by Scientist
sameer its warks good
by sameer
afzal good
by afzal
Ashok Agarwal good
by Ashok Agarwal
ogutz thanks
by ogutz
luis good
by luis
fathy Nice
by fathy
rehan it is the verry good
by rehan
rohit deokar anti mosquits
by rohit deokar
sami thanks
by sami
Andrew i keep getting noise (sounds like bob bob bob) - is this right?
by Andrew
Shoaib i m still trying
by Shoaib
peerzada mohib plz give me software
by peerzada mohib
mansoury i canot understand this for what
by mansoury
vesperbd I want to free download anti mosquito software
by vesperbd
mattz Does anti-Mosquito software damage the speaker phone? Does not sound speaker phone will be broken?
by mattz
idiot nice soft
by idiot
Tanvir Ahmed Faroque Dont know exactly is there any side effect of it or not??? but it really works...thanks a lot...:D
by Tanvir Ahmed Faroque
ishara udayantha this softwear more usefull for me thank you
by ishara udayantha
mizanur2011@yahoo.com The site itself says there is no sound frequency that attracts or repels mosquitoes. True that they find their pray with sound and many other, but only one of them can't do a thing. BUT THE FACT IS THAT I FOUND THIS PGM WORKING AT TIMES.
by mizanur2011@yahoo.com
isa nice software
by isa
Shamamul Islam Rifat this software is nice
by Shamamul Islam Rifat
hari w about flies, thermites and rats?... is there any sounds to download?...
by hari
sanju i want anti mosquitoes sound
by sanju
babu o ! ! !...thanks... its surprising.....!! ! ! ...i cant believe...... it working perfectly.......No mosquit
by babu
Jos nunca vi nada assim. Parece milagre.
by Jos
devinder good
by devinder
duminda kumara mendis this is very good solution.i will send this software my all other friends
by duminda kumara mendis
Justin nice..
by Justin
ALy very effective
by ALy
abosomaa1 good work
by abosomaa1
rudy padilla will it works with mobile phone?
by rudy padilla
Atik good......
by Atik
ayichew thank you
by ayichew
ramez tarbiat thanks very much
by ramez tarbiat
weleam niiiiiice
by weleam
fghy good
by fghy
DanushkaUdesh where is the download
by DanushkaUdesh
motu great
by motu
killer You saved me thinks man!!!
by killer
AZ Good
by AZ
Anonymous just download and test
by Anonymous
Julio This is great!!! Thank you.
by Julio
Zlatko EXTRA! Thanks!
by Zlatko
tifos ok
by tifos
mohammed em nit able to download
by mohammed
speedoo verry good
by speedoo
AMIT CHANDRA KURI To get this felling so well. it's really awesome ..........................believe me it is really great .........thanks ...............@@@@
ninjasagax.com its work in JoyBook S32B BENQ notebook... now i can working 'till late
by ninjasagax.com
c.ronaldo FUNNY program , good job guys
by c.ronaldo
NZ Ultra sound noise!!
by NZ
palestine Hello would anyone tell me if I should turn the speakers on or off????plz answer, we can't sleep and my kids r suffering
by palestine
Andriansyah good software, nice work. Its really works in lenovo notebook. and the mosquito is disapear. thanks from Indonesia.
by Andriansyah
Waseem The site itself says there is no sound frequency that attracts or repels mosquitoes. True that they find their pray with sound and many other, but only one of them can't do a thing. BUT THE FACT IS THAT I FOUND THIS PGM WORKING AT TIMES.
by Waseem
Waseem I got a small fix for it. Just run a music or any such file in Media Player or VLC, mute them, and Run the KP-Mosquito software. Now you can hear it more loudly. NB : Don't forget to mute the MP or VLC. Best setting I found - 13GHz
by Waseem
mallu seems 2 b working. Thank you for this.
by mallu
Jomer Gracias por el sof, de verdad me ha sido muy util.
by Jomer
Godfather Nice work man
by Godfather
dumb.. it works..
by dumb..
salah gooooooooooooooood
by salah
chakradhar Its very nice software. I need it where ever i go
by chakradhar
Dimitar Super
by Dimitar
Ayman good program
by Ayman
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by hjjhjhjhjhj
daniel ble
by daniel
ramesh by classes
by ramesh
shady worked just fine with me iam using ibm laptop ... and the software is really works ... cairo
by shady
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by y
tales great
by tales
lebiatan seria de checarlo haber que tal
by lebiatan
mosquitoe it sucks! LOOL
by mosquitoe
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by same
rajesh it is very useful
by rajesh
marlin thanks in turkey!
by marlin
shiko thanks
by shiko
Abhishek Bala it is very nice
by Abhishek Bala
yeis que otimo de bom
by yeis
mamuka it's very good prog ;)
by mamuka
Lalique Zip file for this programe not in English. Can we have an English version please.
by Lalique
slm ver good
by slm
Long Man how about flies, thermites and rats?... is there any sounds to download?....
by Long Man
divyesh yes
by divyesh
Raj its very good for taking away the mosquitoes from our room
by Raj
Massuquet Muito Bom mesmo.
by Massuquet
ginnie Can I get the source code
by ginnie
Alan O som é irritante mesmo!.. É pra matar quem estiver por perto! Brincadeira... espero q funcione aqui.. tenho problemas com mosquitos de vez em quando!
by Alan
evaldo muito bom
by evaldo
ciossss Nice
by ciossss