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Bite pictures (Mosquito)

A short explanation of what you see on those pictures. All of those pictures present a regular mosquito bite scenario. First of all, a mosquito lands on its victims skin and starts drilling – that is the scientific name for mosquito biting process. Let’s define that process as getting threw the top layer of the skin – meaning biting threw. The second phase, blood sucking – you can see it in the second picture of our mosquito bite picture series, when biting, it injects an anticoagulant (anti-clotting chemical) into the prey to keep the victim's blood flowing. The third mosquito bite picture series shows the end of blood drinking process and ejecting the so called proboscis out of victim’s skin. Ant finally – the last picture of our mosquito bite picture series is an outcome, a regular reaction to a mosquito bite – a pimple, or if you like a blotch. The very last mosquito bite picture displays a regular skin reaction, keep in mind that reactions can vary depending on many factors.

If you have, send us your mosquito bite pictures under: info@allmosquitos.com we will definitely post them online.

Mosquito bite picture nr. 1 - drilling the skin.

Another mosquito bite picture.

Same bite, same mosquito, just a bit closer.

mosquito bite
This is how skin looks after a mosquito bite.


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Spellchecker It drills *through, not threw.
by Spellchecker
katie i woke up this morning and i had six bugbites lined up in a row on the back of my leg i mad i hate bugs
by katie
lllu i think the bites you r talking about are bed bug bites
by lllu
Julia Me I was sleeping in a leather chair and I woke up with a bite on my left arm which was barely there and two on my right arm one really swelled up.
by Julia
grace something definitely bit me. i have welts on one arm as big as a silver dollar half an inch away from each other. i have five of them all lined up
by grace
jessica my bite is huge
by jessica
Lynn Wish that's all the bigger my mosquito bites would get. I get welts the size of silver dollars and larger.
by Lynn
lucy I am not so sure if my mosquito bite is not really a bite. it looked like a big bump
by lucy
Brandy good job
by Brandy
Alan e depois coça muito!!
by Alan