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Mosquito 1.0 - Palm program

Protect yourself from mosquitoes with this handy Palm program. Mosquito is one of those programs that comes along and makes original and innovative use of the technology available.

This anti mosquito software was made by Thai developer Terawat Stiankan for Palm OS 3.5 .

Mosquito 1.0 works to repel mosquitoes, enabling you to enjoy your walk outside, or sleep safely in the knowledge that none of these flying nuisances will attack you. To do this, it emits a very low frequency noise that irritates the insects but not humans. Choose from one of five frequencies to ensure your peace of mind!

It is a great anti mosquito program for anyone who suffers the curse of those biting insects in the summer months. And it can benefit your health!


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2013-03-22 Where's th download link?
by Veganrangan
2012-08-14 will be effective for all.very good
by prince
2012-03-02 ?m very doupt of it
by hakan
2011-06-12 thanks
by snake
2010-09-13 Its very nice
by K!ra
2010-03-24 good
by parjiyana
2010-03-04 good
by gene
2009-04-05 GOOD
2008-09-16 icq - 388874568
by sevil
2008-09-16 salam ersal
by sevil
2008-08-15 STA CHIDO
2008-08-15 asasa
by sasa
2008-08-15 esta chido
by solidus
2008-07-30 istanbul turkiye
by ersal demir
2008-07-30 demir
by ersal
2008-06-11 its summer if is gonna work its great
by oZie
2008-05-29 adfadf
by aad
2008-02-26 adfadf
by ssf
2007-10-24 teste teste
by teste
2007-09-28 xy
by xy

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