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Anti mosquito sound 

Remember that buzzing sound that exert from your mobile phone speaker? Now it can be played over your PC speaker to get rid that nasty bugs away! Does it work? I strongly doubt!

Why? Don't invest too much of your hopes into this sound because of the following reasones - It won't work because the point in mp3 format is that when you convert or record in this format it tries to make the file smaller so it "gets out" the "unnecessary" sounds (those that human ear can't hear or it can but hardly) from the file. So you can't record/convert ultrasound in mp3. Moreover, not all speakers can produce that frequency (cheap one will definetly not).

If you wish to download the soud file, please go to:

www.allmosquitos.com/soft/anti.mosquito.sound.wav (filesize: 3,6 MB; do not convert to mp3)

www.allmosquitos.com/soft/mosquito.repellent.ultra.sound.mp3 (filesize: 2 MB)

Remember: you download and use the file solely at your own risk, we bear no responsibility for any harm, damage you can posibly do to yourself and/or third parties.

Check out our article section to find out why these technologies don't work.


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by KelLorp
2017-09-29 It's work. It protects me from fly too.
by fladamma
2017-06-17 good sound
by tarik
2017-06-16 What is this? Mosquitos are not responding and besides the fact that it doesn't work, it gives me a sharp sound that disturbs me not them. And what the hell? Now I can't even remove this file. It is also very likely to harm sound chip inside the computer...
by WTH
2017-06-07 VERY interesting sounds. Mosquito dead. wow
2017-06-07 WAW . i shocked it work. good job doing. I play every evening. Very good
2017-06-07 Amazing, head started to bust. Good killer. forget mosquitos. :D lol
by KB
2017-03-02 Excellent. its work perfect. I never think that this would be work. Great man.
by sandeep patel
2016-08-24 Tried playing microwave, didn't boost effectiveness, would not recommend
by Douge
2016-05-21 no kill to sound fuk of!!!! pls sound efect work 100% kill mosquito
by sssss
2016-04-04 you shit face when I played this sound one of my ear started to bleed.I can't hear anything.
by shaw
2016-03-02 No sound zero sound
by Niz
2015-08-26 thanks, i think its working because no mosquitoes are biting me, i use it with creative speakers in vlc at volume of 15 and 50% volume in hp pavilion g4.
by hari
2015-04-24 Cool!
by Chathuranga
2015-03-19 It works !!!
by Akshay
2015-01-24 My laptop lost one its speakers. It smells burnt.
by Hannibal
2014-10-19 at first i heard a sound then it's gone??? why??
by sounds good
2014-08-11 Seriously,its true,as a student of sound technology ,i can say its not a fake topic.it is possible to paralised the mosquitos by the high frequencies.
by dj sourav
2014-07-11 I like to test
by Emno
2014-07-05 Thanks! It was great help. Specially while waiting so late at a rural railway station.
by Manish Chandra
2013-07-31 wow... it's looked like the mosquito paralyzed and confused so it can't fly correctly
by DNA
2013-07-28 sorry to say this i tested this .i played this file and during that time a mos is biting me in the shoulder i played the sound nothing hapens and i went near the speaker no use ..sorry to say this it is not working
by dhamem
2013-06-05 I don't hear anything, jackass.
by Jackass
2013-05-02 i tried and it worked mosquitos left my room n flies started partying around :p
by i tried this
2013-05-02 u wont beleive speaker got fried now need to get my phone repaired anyway thx to mosquitos
by fish
2013-03-19 does it hurt my ears?
by thanhdat2202
2013-03-04 It attracted mosquitos instead of repelling them!
by J. Osprai
2013-02-27 worked perfectly as it said!!! good job!
by wilson
2012-11-15 Incredibly works. thanks
by Mrt
2012-11-10 Worked very very well
by nigam
2012-10-31 mohan
by nitin
2012-10-30 Cant believe this!!!!!!!!!!
by Abhi
2012-08-31 Wow it actually works. The mosquitoes are not around now. haha
by rickjason
2012-08-30 this software produces the sound that matches with the brain frequency of mosquitoes thats y mosquitoes dont come to tat area eg. due to cell phone towers less no. of sparrows are seen and frogs too.... this is the concept behind this software
by xxx
2012-08-30 It is too strange but I can heas the ultrasound.!!!!!it is under my nerve!!!!could you please explain why?????ha ha maybe i am a insect :))
by mhr
2012-08-24 Are you sure that it works???? XD
by brenda :)
2012-08-24 bravo!!!!!!! WORKSSSSSS, I CANT BELIEVE!! HVALAAA
2012-08-23 I am very proud of you.Thank you.......
by Sujit Roy
2012-08-14 thanks
by Sourav Ghosh
2012-08-04 you can hear in VLC but you have to put 102% or more...Very strange Bug..in WAV
by Agron
2012-08-01 Nice one
by Razz shreastha
2012-07-31 Ok, I've been reading and seeing that some can hear it and others cannot. Just to clarify, the reason some people can hear it is due to their age. Over time, you lose the ability to hear higher frequencies. Those in their twentys or younger are most likely to hear it. P.S. This is NOT a sign of Dengue fever....
by Sam
2012-07-28 Its effective.. Works great..... Thanks
by Users-Guatemalan
2012-07-19 hey remedy,,,this sound is ultra sonic in frequency.which dont kill any mosqitos but can drive them away atleat.because they can hear this sound and it is iritating to them.you should know that all ultra sound pest repellers works on same principle.it uses some electronic circuits to generate the ultasonics
by manu
2012-07-12 this thing is totaly crape it is of no use at all . you can play in on your sound system , the mosquitoes will eat your meat and dring your blood, .what is their food? human blood .you are all very stupid to thing that sound can kill mosquitoes
by remedy
2012-07-04 Great !!!
by Kanak Ghoah
2012-06-27 kill the mosquitos
by pustam
2012-06-12 thank you.it is very Good.
by Mehrdad
2012-06-06 Whats the exact frequency produce??
by Dengue22
2012-05-29 It's a nice idea of Sleeping. But It is also slow sound.
by Deepak Rokaya
2012-05-20 how does this work
by prok
2012-05-19 I don't know if this works you should try out " dog wistler " on iOS, it can play sounds from 0 to 22 000 MHz so you might try in out on some different frequencies like 17k or something like that. Also, dont put it to your ears, it will damage them without you being able to hear it.
by TGK
2012-05-10 does it damage my loptop or other gadgets?
by jmec
by omgSAYER
by OMGsayer
2012-05-02 super its working and not working thank you...
by ae
2012-05-02 I can feel the frequency of this mosquito repellent but it works
by kunas
2012-04-30 I tried it no difference atall, i can still see them around me but my laptop speakers are getting hot now .....
by Raj
2012-04-17 it a too kritikal sound equitacke dangerous of mosquitos
by Amar jit pradhan
2012-04-16 I can hear the frequency on the WAV file. but it gives me a headache listening to it ): but at least the mosquitoes are not bothering me anymore
by Vivienne
2012-04-14 super
by rahamathulla
2012-04-11 i want to try it.
by arun
2012-04-05 it works
by mehran
2012-03-21 Amezing result , Yesterday , i down loaded it and played and morning i saw that over 1000000000 mosquitos are dead in the room and blood is coming from their mouth... Now i am going to sell this mosquito dead bodies and i will be very rich ...
by Rajesh
2012-03-17 This is awsome but hearts too...
by Mosquito
2012-03-07 It works for me, I Used it when I was in Kandy, Mosquitos didnt allow us to sleep whole night, at 1 am I have found this mp3 file which I was down before 1 Y back, I played it, in Morning I saw 100 ds of mosquitos fell down on the floor it works, but it dosent work for Colombo Mosquitos, they are advanceds
by aflah india kerala aflahpk@gmail.com, 00919544589202
2012-03-02 will this disturb my cat
by dilshan
2012-02-17 can u tell me the exact frequency of sound of anti mosquieto....
by subhrajit mitra
by Asharaf. A.M
2012-01-24 it will work if u use a piezo type or a high performance tweeter speakers we tried in a control enviroment the mosquito will not bite u even they r many flying around dont know why but it works but when we use pc speakers nothing ..
by zalds
2012-01-13 Nice music to me!!! :-)
by Mosquito
2012-01-11 my speakers after let them run the wav file, it is fried and smell badly.... it is nearly damaged,,,, shitttt sound... be careful
by damage my laptop speakers
2012-01-04 my compaq laptop speaker FRIED!
by thought-it-was-good
2012-01-03 wow i can hear waw
by ishara
2011-12-07 it cant hear by human,but mosqueto..if you can hear this repelent you have dengue!!
by jaymar
2011-12-02 i downloaded the wav format and mp3 format the difference is in the wav format i can hear sound but in mp3 i cant hear anything. tried to play it to my computer.
by mosquito
2011-11-30 It's quite good. Some mosquitos still flying around but not bite!
by Haus
2011-10-28 Whats the freqeuncy you're using to repel the mozzies?? Help please... What speakers can i used to convert the ultrasonic electric frequency to audio frequency??
by Sam
2011-10-27 Yeah It work Thanks
by Anton
2011-10-25 Makes no effect on anthing. Mosquitos seem even more active.
by Zuleikha
2011-10-13 how it can be download plz say
by kushal
2011-10-12 does this effect human ear ?? Plz rep.
by enchanted
2011-10-11 thank's to technology...
by dedie
2011-09-17 it work but mosquito not dead
by ilyas
2011-09-09 bought mosquito coil while playing this audio file.. works great
by Albester
2011-09-03 It works for me, I Used it when I was in Kandy, Mosquitos didnt allow us to sleep whole night, at 1 am I have found this mp3 file which I was down before 1 Y back, I played it, in Morning I saw 100 ds of mosquitos fell down on the floor it works, but it dosent work for Colombo Mosquitos, they are advanceds
by Randeer From Sri Lanka
2011-08-29 real it works
by manupawade
2011-08-21 yeah its working ,, but i use it in my nokia phone
by shani
2011-08-16 could any body please comment more on the risk of UHF with human......
by Udara
2011-08-13 effective...try it ....
by vivax malaria
2011-06-22 let's check out
by dnest
2011-06-13 thank you
by kamal
2011-05-23 Nice
by Arjun
2011-05-20 it is great
by mohammed
2011-05-03 I played it on my brand new Acer 4740 lap top.yes its working,thank to Acer.
by wan
2011-04-29 mp3 is crap on my speakers but I can hear the wav only difference is I get a headache from it while the mosquitos are still flying! Well they ain't actual mosquitos more of flying ants with wings what ever you call them few times a year for couple of evenings 1hr they will swarm the whole neighbourhood! Anybody got any effective sounds to get them away from my room?
by HeADache
2011-04-29 they well by even strongoer then befor play this
by haaha
2011-04-26 it is symbol of technology can do everything
by sonu
2011-04-19 i can't
by shafeeq
2011-04-09 Only people under 20 year old can hear this sound, that is "mosquito sound effect"
by Nguyen Hong Phuc
2011-02-27 I can hear it.
by blucat
2011-02-04 Dont play this on Laptop atleast. I damaged my JBL speakers on my Brand new Dell XPS 15. Got replacement to speakers thanks to dell warranty.
by Rohan
2011-01-21 how cant buy it....,,,
by idan
2011-01-19 This is good to use when camping in a mosquito filled forest.
by DJ Monster
2010-12-27 ouch...my head spin around....tsk I had a headache....when I listen to it...
by phillip
2010-12-01 Doesnt work!! I had one sitting on my laptopwhile playing the mp3 file. I copied it to my phone and held it close to a mosquito and played it. I think the mosquitoes enjoyed the music!!
by Najih
2010-11-27 it works...on my sony vaio!!!
by shivank
2010-11-23 Will this high frequency sound damage my speakers....?????
by Babitha
2010-11-21 good
by girish
2010-11-06 can i play it on my laptop?is it work?
by xx
2010-10-27 BETTER
2010-10-21 it works... i stop slapping myself since i started running it..
by brokenwing
2010-09-26 thank
by medhat
2010-09-26 Mosquitos stop flying and stucks on the wall it works
by Randeer
2010-09-18 something is happening. I can hear the sound!! I put it on a loop on vlc and amplified the volume.. I guess this too does not work.. Should prove to be a good youtube video.. Guess tomorrow morning, Im gonna sit and catch some mosquitoes like mr.Bill gates did in talk some years back and put them on some good speakers and see what happens.. and hey, read more about the swiss reasearchers talking about this.. I guess if you have all the mosquitoes coming to you, you can zap them personally!! :)
by karthikeyan balakumar
2010-09-18 The power went down, and I needed something to kill these little buggers.. but they are all over my mac!! :( the mp3 is ineffective, I should have known that!! Let me try the wav file. maybe that will give me some relief!
by Karthikeyan balakumar
2010-09-11 thank it realy work......
by kuan
2010-09-01 well done it is work . mp3 file was opened my laptop. next I will try to use my mobile phone
by by rushan
2010-08-04 ok
by fottis
2010-07-31 To be absolutely safe from damaging your hearing while using an ultra high frequency sound like this (12,000 to 20,000 Hz), make sure that you are not in the direct path of the sound coming from your phone speaker. Sounds above 10,000 Hz are generally not very useful for humans and we tend to lose sensitivity at these frequencies as we get older anyways. Have fun with it.
by sam
2010-07-23 it's Great, it really works, it has a ver high freq
by coolukuyz
2010-07-06 Works on iPhone!! Thank god I'm getting killed by these things
by Sam
2010-06-05 yes it does work thx man it got rid of my parasite problem ^^
by \:.:.MI?RMS.:.:///
2010-05-18 Be careful guys as ultrasound could be harmful to the human ears though one cannot ear it physically.
by Clayton
2010-04-30 this file is almost empty... open it with sound editor, someone did bad work converting it to mp3
by tester
2010-03-13 no comment but oke i acept it
by subho chatterjee
2010-02-27 good...very good....
by jais
2010-02-20 i want to try
by iskandar
2010-02-20 itz excellent
by ishpreet
2010-01-24 it work...thx yaa
by pluck
2009-11-15 does it work with an earphone
by psycho
2009-10-25 good software.. but insect can be repels or not
by lee
2009-09-18 i have to try it work or not, but thanks for your good willing for men. Try more.
by naung naung
2009-09-14 Ok. I try... Goodbye masquito 4ever n goto hell
by yuzlan
2009-05-30 thank's
by hannna
2009-05-25 guys,i tried it and it does works perfect.....yea u need good speakers on ur phone. Great Stuff!!! Thanks
by Jason
2009-05-12 does it work
by anish
2009-05-06 I can hear something!!! it's like a zapping sound, I can hear it every 10 seconds
by jungle
2008-10-28 nbvn hjvnbv
by iiokk
2008-10-24 download
by easwar
2008-08-10 vgvugyh
by zbig
2008-07-10 I think it's a kind of music for them, it makes them RELAX ;) No changes in mosquitoes behavior
by pepsi
2008-07-10 I think it's a kind of music for them, it makes them RELAX ;) No changes in mosquitoes behavior
by pepsi
2008-07-07 I have the program which is called Anti Mosquito
by Ilian
2008-06-30 htrhtehjt
by htfdh
2008-06-16 okkkkkkkkkkkkkaaaaaaaaaa
by esam
2008-06-16 GOOOD
2007-12-19 lkasd asdfasd asdfa asdf
by alci norte
2007-12-16 are u sure is it work very well? can i try in dvd player?
by Shadow
2007-11-09 hi Dengue we won't hear sound but the mosquitos
by shankar
2007-10-20 very good
by momo
2007-09-12 I cant hear hear anything
by Dengue
2007-07-02 I wan to try...
by wals

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