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Anti-Mosquito II software for your mobile phone

Anti Mosquito II is new state of the art mobile software that will actively repel insects. You can now use your mobile phone to repel mosquitoes! Wherever you are, this mobile program will work hard to make you comfortable.

As authors of the program from YewSoft say:

“Anti-Mosquito II software uses the principle of the bionics; the same frequency of sound is given off replicating the dragonfly and bat, which are mosquito’s natural enemies. It also provides different frequency intensity allowing the consumer choices in different conditions. As common mosquito repellents often contain chemicals that can be harmful to your body or have strong, unattractive smells, using this anti-mosquito software could be the best solution during the summer time.”

This utility:

- Has fivechoices of frequency intensity

- Has oscillograph illustration

- Shows of minimum icon on your desktop

Compatible devices:

Nokia 3600, Nokia 3650, Nokia 3660/3620, Nokia 6260, Nokia 6600, Nokia 6620,

Nokia 7610, Nokia7650, Nokia N-Gage, Nokia N-Gage QD

Panasonic X700, Panasonic X701, Panasonic X800

Samsung SGH-D700, Samsung SGH-D710, Samsung SGH-D720, Samsung SGH-D730

Sendo X, Sendo X2, SiemensSX1

Compatible OS: Symbian 6 Series 60 1.0; Symbian 6 Series 60 1.2; Symbian7 Series 60 2.0

Wherever you are, whenever you are there, Anti MosquitoII software will work to detract mosquitoes.

You can download this program here:

www.allmosquitos.com/soft/anti-mosquitoII-software-mobile.zip (0.03 Mb)

Please note, that this file is for mobile phones only and this test version runs for limited period.


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2014-07-21 Nice Work
by Ram
2013-05-09 Goood
by amit mandal
2013-03-30 i am not sure that it will work
by raj
2013-01-31 it's nice
by alok
2012-10-07 good
by shariful Islam
2012-08-17 I like thiS
by Aman Shah
2012-08-16 very nice
by akram
2012-07-23 not working in nokia
by RAJ (R.K.V)
2012-07-04 Good
by shaikh a rehman
2012-05-29 Plz give me app
by Farukh
2012-05-23 it is vary good
by taz
2012-05-18 very good software
by jatinder
2012-05-13 This softwear work in storngliy
by Rajendra
2012-05-09 Very good softwere
by rateesh
2012-04-14 Bad apps for allout seller
by Ssk
2012-03-31 Thats the best.
by Probal
2012-03-31 it is very good
by pritimoy
2012-03-08 very good
by sonu
2012-02-09 niceeeeeeeeeeeee
by avash
2012-01-22 This software is special software to keep away from dangerous malaria. Thank you
by s.somorendro
2012-01-14 fine
by Hafizul
2011-11-29 ??? ????? ???
by mody_nasser
2011-11-28 so many thanks
by munna
2011-11-24 very good
by sufal
2011-11-16 It is very help full software in bad time.
by Rashed
2011-09-27 mosquitos now u r gone
by avinash
2011-08-21 Any negative impact on man?
by Amofah, Ghana
2011-08-13 am actually able to hear the small sound. its really annoying but ma mom wasnt able to hear it
by Suman
2011-07-14 its very very nice
by safarish raja
2011-06-27 its great 2 me
by sanat
2011-06-21 It's nice and ok.it also good for this type of country Nigeria
by Friday edeki
2011-06-03 excellent
by Afaq
2011-05-27 want this
by dnesh
2011-05-17 Sonyericsson holder ?
by Meescm
2011-04-12 very decent!!!
by maizban
2011-04-08 ok
by rinku
2011-04-03 good
by ayan
2011-03-23 How it work?
by Vcd
2011-03-23 i wont to try this software
by gabys
2011-03-12 THIS COOL,I LOVE IT
2011-03-11 not working on nokia
by Priyaka
2011-02-18 Rasith
by Rujath
2010-12-30 i like it
by panky
2010-12-10 good
by tith
2010-11-18 HOW CAN I GET THIS ?
by RDX
2010-09-19 Niceeeeeeeeeeeeee
by Dilu
2010-09-13 its a pollusion controler
by pradeep
2010-08-15 NOKIA 7210?
2010-08-15 nokia 5130xpress?
by sandheep
2010-08-14 Samsung S5230?
by spankme
2010-08-12 please N72 seris cell provide anti virus
by satya
2010-08-09 I have Samsung SGH-L700. please, provide anti mosquito for my device.
by Aslam Dhanbad
2010-07-02 VERY VERY GOOD
2010-07-01 Please offer this software for the HTC hero I beg of you
by bigdude
2010-04-26 Amazing
by Chintan
2010-04-12 Summer is soon here... hope we see this product soon in the store. :)
by ViCPad.Net
2010-04-04 Please help me i have LG KP500
by Amin Sajid
2010-03-06 very usefull
by mohan
2010-02-26 i want know what the function this sofware
by aa
2009-12-20 free download
by abhijit
2009-12-08 anti mosquito software for mobile phone
by samuel samunaka
2009-11-03 It's realy good software and my friend's are using thise software
by Munazzir
2009-10-19 Let us know when you Update your LIST
by ViCPadCOM
2009-10-15 very good
by babukarthik
2009-08-03 very good
by ravi
2009-07-06 please offer this amazing software to sony ericsson k800i also...thanx!!
by Umesh Dhakal
2009-02-11 good softwear
by lalit
2008-11-28 Great News ! Hope you have soon Sony Ericson on your List
by ViCPad
2008-11-11 nice
by lee hong hock
2008-06-16 GOOOOOD
2008-06-12 its very good
by praveen
2008-04-21 jnvjkdhfbgjdb
by mpampoukas
2008-04-18 Please help to get a anti mosquito for Sony erickson i.e. in .jar format
by Vinod
2008-03-09 pls help nokia 5200 files
by keerush
2008-01-31 GGG
by G
2007-10-28 ohoihh
by ejgwklj

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