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SEA Anti-Mosquitoes XP 2.0

Every bloodsucker will run for a shelter after hearing the hellish sounds of this utility. The working principles of the program are simple – it just generates the sound of particular frequency that mosquitoes can’t stand.

The sound parameters of the program were selected on the basis of experiments on mosquito flight at one of the universities of Kentucky.

You can select which particular pest – mosquito or fly you need to repel. When you press RUN, program scans all frequency range that is so unpleasant for mosquitoes.

The final result should be this: SEA Anti-Mosquitoes is sitting in you tray silently whistling through the speakers, mosquitoes fly away and you are extremely happy.


Scientists at different laboratories had proven that these type of things are not effective.


If you still want to try, you can download this software at www.allmosquitos.com/soft/SEA_antimosquitoes_xp_2.zip (0.4MB)


Please, use the software at solely your own risk. We take no responsibility for any damage, harm etc. whatsoever!


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by SHEQELWoumn
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by SHEQELWoumn
2018-12-07 <div style="display: block; float: left; margin: 5px;">[IMG]://remmont.com/demotivator/1390.jpg border=10 height=240 width=240[/IMG]</div> Величие человека состоит и в том, что он может чувствовать себя несчастным: дерево на это неспособно. Zasilanie impulsowe LED [url=://realestate.remmont.com/capital-city-wealth-builders-real-estate-companies/]Capital City Wealth Builders[/url] the chronicles of narnia [url=://realestate.nef2.com/pricing-and-options-outsourcing-help-desk/]pricing and options outsourcing help desk[/url] Purchased copy and other comments [url=://realestate.nef6.com/2017/09/19/how-to-fix-swann-wireless-cameras-swann-security-login/]how to fix swann wireless cameras[/url] RBF Hardy Cascapedia MK II 5/6/7 Fly Reel For Bamboo Fly Rods Художник думает рисунком. 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by SHEQELWoumn
2018-11-20 <div style="display: block; float: left; margin: 5px;">[IMG]://remmont.com/demotivator/2757.jpg border=10 height=240 width=240[/IMG]</div> Страсти! Это ветры, надувающие паруса корабля, они его иногда топят, но без них он не может плавать. 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by SHEQELWoumn
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2018-07-12 we try
by danny
2016-10-19 يبقى برنامج هايل لو فعال
by خالد ايو المجد
2016-04-08 Good
by Quoc
2016-03-05 Good idia
by Indunil
2015-08-23 thank you
by ahmed
2015-06-04 very nice
by sanjeewa
2014-11-08 good
by terans
2014-11-07 Try it!
by ASanka
2014-10-18 I CAN hear those sounds!!!!!! is there something wrong with me?
by bugz
2014-06-14 قققق
by قق
2013-09-20 it is an important thanks
by gbigplay
2013-08-12 ????????? ???
by Vega
2013-07-25 ????????????
by sasasas
2012-09-26 Really Worked for Me Thanks
by Zyugan
2012-08-24 Its too good
by Sujit Roy
2012-05-04 there is no use of downloading it
by karthick
2011-12-27 its very nice
2011-09-04 good
by ??????
2011-08-11 Won't isn;t this sound harmful to my ears?
by Amandeep Singh
2011-04-20 it not works with me and the mosquitoes still beside me and nothing changed the speakers was max
by osama
2011-04-08 great program
by mony
2011-03-19 good
by ali
2011-01-23 Hola, instale el software, luego de ponerlo a trabajar el CPU comenzo a emitir un sonido audible, mis preguntas son: -A que se debe el sonido? -Que produce el sonido? -Por que se emite el sonido de un lugar distinto a los altavoces? -A largo plazo como afecta a la PC? (ventajas y desventajas) Gracias, mi correo es todos169@hotmail.com
by EZam
2010-12-29 Good but can u highlight us about the negative impact of the programme?
by Abu Gwandu
2010-12-17 it works fine, IF you hit the buttom RUN/STOP so the text RUN is pressent and the picture is overwritten with a red cirkel - THEN it is running - not logical - but it works fine. Thanks a lot to the team behind.
by E. H.
2010-12-01 you are very intelligent. thanks
by tony vu
2010-09-20 it is verey good
by mmh20
2010-08-30 Not bad !
by Ahmed Pabel
2010-08-09 ???? ?????? ????? ???????? ??? ?????? ????????? ??????? ????? ???? ???????? ??????? ??? ???? ???? ?????? ?????? ?? ????? ??????? ?? ?? ????? ??????? * ??? ???? ???? ?????? ??? ????? ?? ?? ????????
by ????
2010-08-09 I have to try then i will give a feed back hope it will work and thnks for the programmer either it works or not for his effort
by hazim
2010-08-01 Very Good
by Moataz Ezat
2010-07-23 ??????????
by ??????
2010-03-28 I Like this software But some peoples are not trust on me that they are saying that i am wrong Please Some body help me and give me Proof This is My E-Mail Address : mrjimmy94@yahoo.com
by Naeem
2010-03-20 it works!! al mosquitos gone dint produce any sound ..it does produce u sound which is outside hearing range of humans... so ppl try it ..its gud
by Kamya
2010-03-02 sank yo
by hassan
2010-02-15 que fino es la informatica es el dios de este mundo que lo va a controlar
by kroon
2010-01-24 its a cool software.nice piece of work.keep up the good work
by aikerism
2010-01-16 Keep up the good work dont mind those guys. they dont even know how to make a simple program. and thanks for the program im using it and it works.
by pinoy
2010-01-12 I need anti mosquito software
by Rupam Kr. Das
2009-12-28 Confirmed, it will NOT works! A mosquito just passed 10cm from speaker, and the volume is almost at max. This is because you need both, a super speaker, and good sound card (my card can do 96kHz and 24-bit), but NOT my Yamaha speakers (and they're good!).
by Gradius
2009-12-13 i dont know if it's really works the mosquitoes lying around on my head ha!!ha!!
by Paul
2009-10-21 cooool prog. thanks a lot
by SAD
2009-08-06 O M G ! They re all gone!!! Unbelievable.
by Baris
2009-07-09 I have Bell and Howell pest repellers they will pick up it's slack. Great idea there's another one Anti-MAL that fights malaria.
by James Hill
2009-07-04 i hope it works, thankyou. keep up the good work!
by rico
2009-06-26 Great idea, it might not work now, but one day it will! Good luck!
by Sam
2009-06-12 Working with me Perfectly , Thank You !!!
by Hamza
2009-06-07 hi guys out there who give all the sarcastic and rude feedback to the author, you are just a nerd! Fuck-off from this site if you think this is a useless software. Please learn to appreciate and compliment the author of this program. At least he has put in his time and effort to make this program and share will all of us. I have been searching this kind of software for quite some time and at least this is a freeware which I can try out. Whether it is working or not, it costs you nothing! I hate to say there are lots of uncivilized people out there who just know how to complain and flame people for their good actions. To the author, I really appreciate your effort to create and share your program! Great work done. Keep up your good sharing spirit! Wish you all the best!
by ludlow
2009-05-24 Well it is working for me!! I installed on my notebook. and i don`t hea any sound from my speakers and all the pests is gone, i like this litle programm. :-)
by juliodemedeiros@gmail.com
2009-05-12 Toally useless (Sound card / speaker limit !!)
by Mark
2009-04-18 i hear the sound from my CPU not by speaker and the mosquito... mybe its work.. thxx.. .gereggiseptino91.wordpress.com
by gereggiseptino91
2009-04-03 fine
by babupbt
2009-03-02 The signals are emitted by PC speaker, not from any sound card...
by li
2009-01-23 nyc :)
by blacklist
2009-01-19 i have to try
by hatata
2008-12-14 one of the worst software i hv ever seen....
by Farhan
2008-12-06 dsf df fdfd df
by dfa sdfsdf
2008-09-12 Good
by jostak72
2008-08-21 plz dont waste anymore time of ours and yours by inventing such fuckin programme
by ganapthi
2008-08-11 fdfze
by hgh
2008-08-02 im test in bolivia good
by ruben
2008-07-03 Good concept. Even though it doesn't work now, eventually it will have a working version. Preferably sooner than we might expect?
by msac
2008-06-29 Author of this useless program, sorry, but you are stupid. Go an learn this: ://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NyquistShannon_sampling_theorem. A typical computer sound card DSP sample rate is 44kHz, so it's impossible to reach frequency higher than 22kHz. Even with the 48kHz sample rate we couldn't even theoretically reach sound frequency higher than 48kHz/2=24kHz. In real life we have also speakers frequency range limits, typically, 20Hz..20kHz. So, computer sound system IS UNABLE TO PLAY sounds with the 47-48kHz frequencies mosquitos don't like. Therefore your proggy is totally useless.
by anonymous
2008-06-20 This crazy software make me mad.Sound is very laud and realy ther is no mosquito in the room, but neither me. :))
by Sasa
2008-06-16 VERY GOOD IDIA
2008-05-29 GOOOD
2008-05-29 GOOOOOD
2008-05-16 nam
by good, thank you
2008-05-01 its very nice to see thing like this and i hope if it will work good thnx
by yaser menisy
2008-03-17 Very good
by Hatem Klouz
2008-03-05 xdgdsg
by sdfgsdgfsd
2008-03-05 very good
by omar
2008-02-15 very good
by khanh
2007-12-26 pk
by Miguel
2007-12-12 good
by tran
2007-09-01 asdasdf
by arsim

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